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"Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” —Albert Einstein.

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Keto for beginner..
Welcome! today, I'm going to show you how to start keto correctly. Keto is switching from burning sugar fuel to fat fuel. The important hormone called insulin is the key to determine which you r going to burn so you wanted to keep it low to burn fat. When insulin goes higher, your body will burn sugar which you don't want to happen. Where is the game here? Don't worry, I gotcha!
Jul 2022
3 min read
Offences will come
You cant stop offenses coming in life but you have a full control not to live in it.
Jun 2022
5 min read
Fly into Freedom..
No matter how your opportunities in life, you always have a freedom to choose how you wanted to experience it.
Jun 2022
4 min read
Its me unique..
There is no universal formula that you to follow. There is only you to search for and define!
Jun 2022
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