Barren land of faith


From the darkest corner of my mind sprouts hopelessness and doubt.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

(Matthew 27:46)

In the barren land of God,

i stand,

A man lost in thought,

a prayer at hand.

I look around,

And all I see

Is emptiness and misery.

I wonder why this land is bare,

Why God would let it be so rare.

Does he not care for what he's made?

Or is this just a game he's played?

I pray to him with all my might,

Asking why there is no light.

Why must we suffer in this way?

What purpose does it serve to stay?

The silence echoes back at me,

A voiceless void,

A mystery.

I cannot fathom what it means,

This emptiness that intervenes.

Perhaps there is no God at all,

And we are left to rise or fall.

Perhaps we are just pawns in play,

In someone else's game to sway.

But if there is a God above,

Then surely he must show some love.

For how can he create us all,

And then let us suffer and fall?

No, I cannot believe in such a deity,

One who glorifies off our misery.

If there is a God, then let him show

That love and mercy are his flow.

But until then, I'll live my life

With doubt and disdain, with strife.

For if there is no God to guide,

Then we must find our own path to stride.

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