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Among all times, living in the present.

So I read a book a while ago called “Before the coffee gets cold” written by Japanese writer “Toshikazu Kawaguchi.” The book is mainly about going back and forth between the future and the past. There is a cafe that could take you to the past or the future and there is only one seat that takes you to the time you wanted to go. The one that breaks the rules will be sitting in the seat as a ghost until someone else breaks one of the rules. So there is always someone on the seat and the only time you get the seat free is the time that person on the seat goes to the toilet. When you get the seat, coffee will be served to you and you should get back to the present before the coffee gets cold.

The book is all about the people that went to the future or the past and how their lives changed because of what they realized from what they saw in the future and the past. People could live in a non-ending loop of regret because of what they think they did in the past but some things are not what we think they were. But what if we could go back in time and realize that it wasn’t any of our mistakes? or witness that what we did is totally wrong and continue living with intense regret more than before? Which one do you really prefer?

There are lots of things that we expect will happen in the future or won’t. Sometimes we are not prepared to accept things we didn’t expect to happen in our life. We become so dumb because of the hopelessness we encounter. so when the thing we expected really happens, we ain’t fit for it then the moment we realize it just passed without us knowing it, we live in a non-ending loop of regret and wish to get back to the past to fit it.

We sometimes live with hope wishing things we want will happen one day. What if we stack waiting things that won’t happen, incapable of moving on? The moment we realize the things we expected don’t actually happen, we start to regret for not moving on and used our time wisely.

It is our choice to live either in the past or the future but there is also a thin line (thin time interval) we could live where we control things that happen in our life slightly called “the present.” At the present, things happen smoothly step by step and one after the other but in the future or past, things are so miraculous they either happen or not. The present demands our resilience to continue moving with it.


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