A place called "HOME"

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Home, a place you can’t detach yourself from.

It is where you belong, you feel accepted without any circumstances, where you do whatever your gut tells you to do, where you get your freedom and a place you don’t wanna get far away from. It is a place you feel safe without any protection. A place you want your life to end and a place you want your grave to be, home.

Home, where you build any of the cultures you have now, your perceptions you perceive, and a place you can’t detach yourself from. Where most of your memories whether they are sad or happy exist. It is a place you prefer to rest your back upon. A place you think of, to hide from your fears, to share your happiness with and a place that is coming to your mind now.

You blush as you think of home and your whole body system knows where home is. I wonder whether it is both humans and the house that we call home or it is the people that makes us feel at home?

We don’t stick to this world for the rest of our lives. We ain’t eternal to this world. But I don’t think we will stop feeling at home at the end. Because if being at home is a feeling you feel for being with your loved ones, imagine the feeling you could feel (“being at home”) by being with God. He loved us when he created us, he became human for his endless love and crucified himself for loving us and to save us. Every place is home if God is with us.


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