Rising Strong


Survivor All Along!

Years have passed, life's been tough,

Took me to places where the road was rough.

Life wasn't fair, played a tricky game,

Mentally tested, never quite the same.

Lost some friends, and loved ones too,

In life's chaos, some dreams withdrew.

Facing storms that seemed too wild,

But here I am, with a hopeful smile.

Bruised and scarred, but still standing tall,

Holding on tight, conquering each fall.

Dreams may break, but hope's around,

In echoes of pain, resilience is found.

Carrying a load, sometimes it's heavy,

Through the darkest nights, keeping steady.

Friends may leave, love may be gone,

Yet within, a survivor is drawn.

Life was tough, a challenging ride,

But here I am, on the other side.

A survivor, facing each twist and turn,

In the echoes of loss, it's resilience I earn.

Now, I stand proud, I'm not a victim anymore,

Gathered strength within, walked through the door.

Life's challenges shaped me, made me strong,

No longer a victim, but a survivor all along.

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