YouTube Channels that changed my life*


So this series of articles will be about YouTube channels that I learned a lot from.

Sike! It's clickbait. An article talking about YouTube channels has to have a clickbait title, but like clickbait videos, it's technically not a lie. So this series* of articles will be about YouTube channels that I learned a lot from or I'm still learning from that I wanted to share (*I'm hoping it will be a series). Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Theo - Ping Labs

Theo is the CEO of Ping Labs( and an Ex-Twitch Engineer. He shares his famous rants, live coding videos and brings on really good guests on his channel. I'm learning about coding, how to run a startup, and technical stuff related to the coding world. One of my favorite videos has to be an interview with Jason Docton a developer that learned Web development in three months.

2. PolyMatter

Moving on from the coding world, PolyMatter videos are really insightful and cover different topics which I enjoy and learn from every single one. Politics Supply Chain Economy you name it PolyMatter has a video on it.

3. Sisyphus 55

I discovered this channel very recently and I really enjoyed the content. Sisyphus 55 touches on physiology and philosophy, I didn't expect that I will be into physiology or philosophy content but I liked it.

4. Gugut Podcast

These guys are killing it and their content speaks for itself. As a podcast, their topics have different ranges, from Startup to Comedy and from starting a restaurant to freelancing. Great guests, cool subjects, and they are consistent too.

5. Linus Tech Tips

No need for introduction, all things tech is on LTT.

I hope you find this list useful, and if you have a YouTube channel that "changed your life" I would definitely check it out. Like(Clap), Comment, and Subscribe to help me continue on this series.

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