Telegram Bots for Super Users


Telegram Bots to become a super user.

Telegram has rapidly gained popularity in Ethiopia. With it, you can create your own channels, groups and bots to help with practically anything but many users may not be taking advantage of its full potential—which is why I've created this list of the 5 best telegram bots for regular telegram users to become super users.

Junction Bot (Channels Bot)

@junction_bot collects posts from various channels, thereby making it easy to read them all in one place. You can filter out or highlight posts based on keywords that are relevant to you— e.g. You can filter jobs from Freelance Ethiopia containing the word "developer". It can also forward those messages to group chats and channels as well.

Jared ✙

@JaredMovieBot is a personal movie reminder bot that sends you notifications when new episodes of your favorite TV shows are released.


If you've ever wanted to access other social media apps from within Telegram, AximoBot is the bot for you. It allows users to access and download post on other apps (like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube) within Telegram—and it doubles as an RSS feed reader! 🍌

@getnaked_bot converts Twitter/Reddit threads into readable text by allowing you to read them in a linear fashion using Telegraph which supports instant view making it easier to view and share threads in telegram.


Gebeya Search Bot converts into a telegram bot using Webview. Gebeya Search allows you to access different "ecommerce" telegram channels in one place. And with Gebeya Search Bot it all can be done without leaving telegram.

Disclaimer: I am part of the team that built so I might be biased lol :)

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