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Using no code tools to build an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to test out ideas easily and quickly.

Recently I came to the conclusion that Execution is more important than Idea, this was particularly tough to accept because I was always the “idea guy” and thought that the idea has to be perfect or really good but an idea without execution is "ላም አለኝ በሰማይ ወተቷን የማላይ". Don’t get me wrong, idea is really important but it doesn’t have to be perfect at first, even if the idea is imperfect when you execute it users or the market will guide you to the right path. That’s why I decided to write an article about executing ideas quickly using no-code tools to build an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to test out ideas easily and quickly.

I will be showing you how to clone YeneVibe using no-code tools. YeneVibe is a site that aggregates Ethiopian music videos and orders them according to the number of views. I will only be working on the aggregation and displaying recently posted music videos that are collected from Hope Music and Nahom Records I will be using Google Sheets, Zapier and SpreadSimple.

Whenever a video is posted on Hope Music or Nahom Records Youtube channel we will be using Zapier to fetch the title, link and other information then store it in a Google Spreadsheet. SpreadSimple then converts this spreadsheet to a website, with no code straight to a functional site.

1. Step One

We will be using this spreadsheet as a database to store the title, embed link, duration, date, and channel about each video.

2. Step Two

Let's set up Zapier to add an entry whenever a video is posted. If you don't have a Zapier account register for free.

Once you signup follow the following link for the YouTube + Google Sheets workflow

then click Connect Youtube + Google Sheets button and follow the steps

Here we have to enter a YouTube Channel ID

In our case, Nahom Records channel ID is channel/UCeBWIR6qAv2itoiDWO4FHow and Hope Entertainment channel ID is channel/UCgdecrMD1EfiqFL_jlnPxvg but we only can enter one channel at a time so for Hope Entertainment I will show you a shortcut, for now, enter Nahom Records channel ID.

3. Step Three

Choose the appropriate drive, spreadsheet, worksheet and after that select all fields and hit next

4. Step Four

Navigate to this link to create the same zap for Hope Entertainment and click copy under the dropdown

then give it a different name and change the channel ID to channel/UCgdecrMD1EfiqFL_jlnPxvg and click continue and test the zap

This should be the final result

5. Step Five

then in another tab get the Google spreadsheet link of the spreadsheet we created on step 1 by clicking the share button.

then copy link

paste the link and hit continue

BOOOOOM it will create the site for you

you can customize the title, order, layout... after you find the look you like click save then hit publish, we have a working website without writing any piece of code

My final version is on

At last, consistently executing can be hard but no code tools and MVPs can help break down the idea into a simple version that will be easy to code, and sometimes trying to implement your idea can help you learn a lot even if the idea fails.

The lesson from process of production is more important than the product
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