The brown of your eyes


In the beholder

The  brown of your eyes was hidden behind a pool of tears the first time you saw me. I heard your voice and felt safe in your warmth as you welcomed me into this world. I knew of no man but you. So smart, so strong and so brave. Your brown is dark and deep like morning coffee.

The brown of your eyes was hidden behind your lashes the first time I held you in my arms. Small and frail little thing, my very own friend. I have watched you grow and witnessed you shed pieces of you to fit into the shoes of who you'll become. I don't know who you are. I don't know who you'll be. All that I know is that you're my God given friend whose smile I would put before my life. I long to see which shade you settle on. Until then I'll hold the memories of the little you in the tiny blue hat who smiled when I held him as if he recognized me without opening his eyes.

The brown of your eyes was golden. It had streaks of shadows from your lashes as you smiled up at me and I all but melted in them. The brown of eyes fills me with the warmth of all the little moments. The brown of your eyes made the roses bloom and all words were poetry.

The brown of your eyes painted mine red.

Then there was you.

Grey, only to my eyes. 

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