My better half

There's a fairy that lives on above my house. She has silky skin and beautiful wings that sparkle. Her dress falls perfectly in place. Wherever she goes, her fairy dust leaves a glittering foot print. She has a smile that if you looked deeper into, you can see how her eyes crinkle and how she's the purest little thing. On her happiest days, her little wings flap around violently, her small body unable to contain the energy. She's God's special creation yet; somehow, on a random Tuesday, she claimed to be mine.

My fairy is gorgeous,  her soul even more so. She's small with a presence that fills rooms. It's captivating watching a fairy so delicate fight with such vigor. She's soft to the eyes and speaks ever so gently but her callouses and bruises tell the stories that her eyes hide behind glasses.

My fairy flies above humans...
My fairy used to fly above humans.

Blind to her own glory and acknowledging theirs, in a moment of distraction, a human got his hands on her. Like people do with things new and shiny, he dragged down and dirtied a gem he wasn't fit to understand. In her inexperience, my fairy is stuck down on earth where she'd been left. She has locked herself down with chains constructed in her mind. A prison of overthinking. A wall of bricks shielding her from her own light.

My fairy is kind and pure. She tells me I am beautiful. That she envies my fluffy hair and how I am respected.

How do I comfort a being much greater than myself? What can I do but nod at her compliments pretending I believe them. No pair of eyes that have seen her glow would turn in the direction of a nymph that's crawling into it's cocoon. Had she known the way my world is lit in her presence, had she realized her greatness, would she have admired me the same?
Maybe not

I am growing. Soon I will be a butterfly. But I know the fact is that a butterfly will never be a match for a fairy. But this unlikely friendship is built on love. I love my fairy more than I can say. It kills me to see her doubt herself every day. But my arms aren't enough to wipe her tears. Tears only I get to see. How do I comfort her when all of her worst is still better than my best? How do I guide her when she shines brighter than anything i have seen?

When we are given a gift, all we can do is accept and try to be worthy of the throne we were put on. My fairy is my gift from God. I didn't see her coming. One day I woke up and she was there, and she never left. My fairy is an overwhelming presence, a violent and a hyper little thing. The buzz of her swing is annoying and she's everywhere all at once. My fairy questions herself and asks for my reassurance. and I love every minute of it.

Being the one in her presence is an honor. Knowing that a butterfly like me is trusted by a fairy is an honor. Getting annoyed by A FAIRY is an honor. an honor no one is worthy of.

I might go into hiding some day. In my cocoon in solitude. I don't know if my fairy will deal well with that distance. But I will be back, as a butterfly.

I don't know how to be worthy of a fairy. all i know, is that I hope she looks deeper into my eyes and sees her reflection and maybe notices a speck of the greatness i see her as.

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