Drifting Anchor


Who you are depends on what your heart belongs to. what do you belong to?

Everyone needs something in their heart; be it money, another person, power, god or themselves. What you give your heart to is what owns you. Who you are depends on who you belong to.

Sometimes we worship those closest to us without realizing it. The further we stray from God, the more we expect from our loved ones. Failing to understand that no matter how great the love is, humans aren’t gods. The love we get from god can never be matched or replaced.  By trying to get that love from people, we push them away. That’s how we lose everything without knowing what went wrong and why.

We have to worship something. If we don’t know what we worship, chances are we are giving our hearts to every passerby, just drifting with the waves. Then feeling lost when the waves put us back where they found us. Waves have places to be. You can’t worship the intangible. Putting faith and loyalty on something that can’t be there, something that changes, something that leaves you behind.

Most of us are loyal and committed

“I would be a great friend if only there was someone"

“I am a very loyal person. Why don’t they want me?”

The love, faith and commitment we have inside is so powerful but we have nowhere to put it.

We are anchors drifting in the sea.

An anchor is a solid foundation; it can hold a massive boat stable. The fear of drifting fades and you can have a peaceful night.

But a stretched out anchor with nowhere to land hits and tries to hang on to every rock. Breaking and damaging both the boat and anything that it comes across.

Some are scared to put the anchor down in fear of getting the wrong foundation. Others are scared of being glued to one place.

When you know where you have to be and what you want to lay your foundation on but still feel yourself holding back, something is stuck in your gears. Is it fear? Fear of missing out?

What we have to ask ourselves is which one matters more. There are ups and downs in every path. We just have to decide what we are willing to sacrifice and what we are willing to sacrifice for.

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