Darling Little pt-1


Refuge in the dark

A loud cry is the first sound a human makes. A desperate cry for help. It is said that when children are born, they see the moment of his death and so they cry. and in the moment of their death, they see what's to come. Some walk peacefully into the light. Others get escorted by me.

Contrary to popular belief, death is not a point in time that people walk into at some point of their lives. death is no coincidence. everyone carries their death with them their whole life until it is their time. death hovers in every breathing second, from the first cry up until the last gasp.

"she'll be called Mel" said the mother pressing her child closer to her bare chest. this moment with it's thick scent of blood and sweat and it's still humanity's best moment.

"let me clean her up for you" said the midwife reaching out her hands.

"no, no please. few more seconds" the mother, as well as i knew what little time was left. she didn't fight or cry. with a final kiss and a sad smile, her body limped back to the bed she brought a life on.

"ma'am, look" said the maiden from the corner of the bed. "take the kid" said the midwife. the maiden took the crying child off of her mother's lifeless body and started washing off the red goo from her little body.

the mother stood over her own lifeless body consumed with confusion and worry until she noticed looming over.

"are you here to take me?" she asked

"you're not mine to take" i said pointing at the light only visible to me and her. she tried to caress her daughter one last time but her hand passed though. nonetheless, the child reached her hand

"can she see me?" she asked. i walked over passing my hand through the kid earning a piercing cry. "no. but she can feel us"

"will you watch over her?" she asked

"i will watch her to see if shes mine to take when it's time"

"what are you?" she asked in urgency when she felt a pull coming from the light. "i am mot. death"

" Keep my darling little safe" and with that, she disappeared.

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