The barks named you "አይሽይሆን"

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She was the lilies to my melancholy.

I woke up today feeling a little dizzy and having a sore throat, we just had a hangover after a couple of drinks with my friends the previous night. I am in Hawassa for a fortnight now, we went on a filed work. It has been quite a while since i have been here. The wind is still the same, always trying to push me up into the an escape from the crowd. I got a bit hungry and went out to grab some breakfast and see where the wind would head me this time. I spotted on "ኑ ቡና ጠጡ" and had " ጮርናቄ" with my morning coffee. The streets are serene as always so i decided to have a walk and visit my brother on my way on. He lives around " አሞራገደል". We met up and shared some pieces this bloody mind has ever owned. I kind of had a flu, my throat was aching thus, we made our way to "ሰመረ" ,which i favour calling him with his byname " ዶክተሩ". We had a flavoursome fish soup and managed to meet some people i know. The wind kept pushing me again as if i am going to find the shattered bits of this hollow heart. But i did miss those birds, Marabou Storks so i excused and went to the lake hoping that i would find my bits through the tiny droplets. I allowed the echoes of these voices to slide by with the clouds and got myself to be immersed under the blues. The sun was a little harsh on me so i dawned looking for a place where i could be at pace. As i was glancing, i found my lilies. I saw her with that white flowy dress and "ነጠላ" under those barks of the greens. She was not just black and white, she was a shallow between the greys. She made me feel as if i was existing loudly. I saw the unreal depth in her Brown eyes. She felt like a poem. She was a leaf that was greater than a tree,a drop that leaded the sea, she was the oxygen for me at the moment, the whole cosmos,the universe. I thought for myself if i was going to find love in " የፍቅር ከተማዋ,ሀዋሳ". I had the instinct to talk to her but unfortunately, my friends were going to head out that i needed to claim a ciao believing the fate of my eagerness would find a response when i get back. There was no wind for the time being then, i was a bit concerned, it was as if it wanted to tell me something. Then, i went back and she was not there. I lost my pieces again. I did not even get the chance to know her name but, the barks named her for me. They called her " አይሽይሆን", hoping that i will find her again. 

N.B.: And "አይሽይሆን" is my mama's name, just stating:)

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