Broken "ብርሌ"


"ኑዛዜ" of an old love.

I woke up today hoping that i won't get lost in existence, that i will stay awake just like the other days. The living room was a total mess as always,filled up with empty "አረቄ" bottles and i spent another night laying on the sofa while having some "አረቄ" yesterday. It is a little gloomy today and it was raining the whole day. I was sitting on the couch trying to deal with these caged words that are always striving to escape this bloody mind that i ever owned and i did allow them to rush into that white rough barren skin and started wasting my ink. While i was writing, "በሰባ ደረጃ" started playing on the radio and i heard the line that said "ሲመሽ ወደማታ ማታ ማታ:አቤት ያንቺ ፍቅር ሲበረታ"that it reminded me of her. She used to be greater than the particles of the sand and the patterns of the water for me. Then, i went out wearing that faded Black leather jacket and i had my gin on my way on just to keep this soul warm that had been cold by the lack of the candles it was thriving to have.Thus, as i was passing through "ፒያሳ እሪ በከንቱ ሰራተኛው ሰፈር", i saw "ገደል ግቡ ጠጅ ቤት " ,it was the "ጠጅ ቤት" we used to hang out in. I still remember how beautiful and defined her afro used to be,those sparkling eyes that always make me wonder how she used to make me beautifully blind just like the sea. She was the one who was described with no words. So i had the idea of letting myself float on the vibe that I'm going to be having there. There were a bunch of people there trying to cope up with the emotions they are facing and trying to be present through the art of the bees. When i sat down on that wood seat "እማማ ብዙወርቅ" came up to me holding up "ብርሌ እና ጠጅ" and she poured it with a big smile having that "ፍንጭት". The moment i took the first sip, i felt like as if she was beside of me, i felt so safe in my questions. When the "አዝማሪ" started playing the "ማሲንቆ", it reminded me of her..."ሽቅብ ቀና እያለች በስንኞች መሃል እስክስታ ስትገጥም". We used to enjoy it here, we used to create the cosmos of our own in this neighborhood of hers. Whenever i see the moon, it always reminded me of her... smiling in imperfections of being flawless. She used to tell me that i was her "ብርሌ", the one that holds up the thing she enjoyed the most. We used to throw lines of poems through the tiles of the "ማሲንቆ", but this time my line would be "የአራዳ ልጅና የሳት ራት አንድ ነው:አንዴ ከሄዱ መመለሻቸው ሩቅ ነው :: " . I am the "ብርሌ" she forgot to take care of that i am a Broken "ብርሌ" now. Cheers to our relationship that changed from "ጠጅ" to "ብርዝ".

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