the highway to hell

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the reality that we have created for ourselves is a flase narration of what existing can be

Walk on the gravel roads

Bare foot until your heart erodes

For in the end it will all be lost

To be like how we were before

Take my soul and take my home

Take my bones and take it all

Take me back to where I belong

Let me be where I always longed

Chase me on the rivers cold

Chase me where I cannot walk

Where thorns grow and in blood i soak

Let me rest beneath the old tree

Let me afford own my serenity

I lurk in the woods in the dark season

I have become what is forsaken

Let this end , what I have become

Everything these days feels so numb

No matter how fast I run

How far away I think I am

It's a shadow glued to my back

Hunting me and all that I have

Leaves me nothing, it is without remorse

No matter how gritty I walk the course

It's a loop where I can't find the doors

In the end it's supposed to feel good

The winds are too cruel

And the leaves too rude

They wave you around and beat your face

They beat your skin and you embrace

Believe this is the way and amongst them you dance

For hope is lost and we are in the dark

Believe in him and believe in God

He who took the woods and soaked in blood

He who hit all that is bad

Hold him close and you shall ride

Angels on their backs to the seventh star

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