The forever quest


The world avelious where people are born with aunique tatto

They always knew how they were going to die it was written on their skin from the day they were born.

As haruki murakami said death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of it ..humans are destined to die but the people of aveluious are known for their different gifts ..its a gift for outsiders but for their own its a curse ..the curse of fear it creates. they say the tattoo never lies aveluian kids grow a trauma they never experienced ..the picture of how they will die.

The Jackson family is known for their bookwarmness and intelligence every man tried to find a way to change the fate of their death but non of them did one man to the next passed an unfinished quest.

This forever quest started with a man named James who had a tattoo of a cow this time it was hard to stay away from a cow where all the food is provided from .but the family wanted him safe they were forced by their love to keep him miles away from a farm all alone that when he becomes fond of books he cherished it night he was very depressed that he lived alone for so long he wanted to kill himself so he tried to hang himself so stepped on the wood chair tied the rope as he removed the chair he found himself struggling for his life but suddenly the rope tore apart. the next day he went to the river and tried to drown but suddenly his father arrived who had been there to visit his son and saved him .

James got mad but his father understood what his going through and said '' Son no one can change their fate a cow will kill you the tattoo never lie but son I have good news we found you a job in the city you can stay with your uncle ,there are very few cows up there '' James faces lighted up hugging his father.

as James father promised he lived with people with a risky freedom.

 That Is where he met his beloved wife.

after six years of marriage they had three boys, the three boys had tattoo of weird creatures behind their back which means they will be infected with a disease.

James with the great hope his kids granted him, wanted to find a way to change their fate of death that is when he started the forever quest he spent hours and days in the library only to live reason, not satisfaction, more question but no answer.James caught so much on changing his fate little did he had known his fate was lurking around.

one morning James, as usual, ran to the library something caught his eye his last born playing around a cow ...James tried calling him from the far but his kid got even closer.James without hesitating run up to get his son.

 his wife cried out '' James no I will get him''

without looking back he caught his son when James turned ...James come in contact with fear of his soul a cow.James let go of his son telling him to run while he run to a different side ..he runs for his life crying out for someone to help him this time wanted to live because he had so many things on his head.

without James noticing he had come to the end of The city cliff turned back he again came face to face with his fear is a cow.

James could not run anymore he lost hope as he stood ,the cow throw him to the cliff.James's last words were '' the tattoo never lies''

after his death people came to save him which was too late his family mourn .

James's wife passed his belongings to his three son to finish their father's business.

after one and half centuries it comes to this time the time of technology where people have deep knowledge .

no science can solve the great matter Aveluian were aching to know how to change their fate.

The last and only Dwight Jackson seems to care less about the Aveluian, his father nagging him to continue what James Jackson started day and night .

Dwight refused to be caged under fear he chooses to enjoy every moment not that he is not scared but chooses to ignore it.

His tattoo shows a person stAbbing his heart.

 how can he stay away from people,which is hard for an extroverted soul?

his parents always say '' It is okay if you don't finish what your ancestors started but at least protect your self '' unlike their saying they do care about the quest.

Chapte two

In the city of aveluian there is a known gang who are orphans and homeless teenage kids.

Lived their upside down hand in hand.

Scott their great leader got obsessed what the Jackson started.

He spent years spying on the Jackson but no one seems to know.

On the January first he planned his gang to break in and stole collection of the family.

As the date arrived two of the member of the gang Matthew and Rebecca followed 

Dwight .

As Dwight entered the house he found himself struggling to close the door they pushed him at the floor and Matthew grabbed him by the neck and asked him for the collection Dwight stubbornly refused to tell him .

 They made him unconscious and took him to their leader 

 "who are you? where am i ?"Dwight as he awake founding himself all tied up in someone's basement 

 "ow hey you , you are the rebellious one right ?'' the guy wearing a leather jacket coming near to him holding a knife.

 what are you talking about? ''Dwight knew its the last day at that moment he felt that he should have listened to his parents.

"We are a gang your family inspired us while the last born give up we want to fulfill the quest'' getting even closer whipping the knife.

"what do you want from me why am i here"Dwight asked with a shaken voice 

" give us every information,your family treasure, join us and your family will be safe ''

 "i will join but under one condition every information will be returned to my house"Dwight requested

"you have my word "said Scott turning his back at Dwight 

" untie him and be back here at noon with the books " pointing the knife at the door.

After minutes Dwight leading them arrived at his house.

"I will open the back door " Dwight looking at his house .

"if you try to be smarter trust me your life will be a mess" Matthew tapping Dwight's shoulder.

"no am definitely in"Dwight looking at his hand .

When Dwight open the first door he saw his parents sitting at the couch watching atv show .they were not bothered to ask where he has been.

" your aunt brought a pie, you can have some" Dwight mother offered him.

"sure ma thanks" Dwight opening the back door to a complete strangers.

He took them up stair to the attic taking a key under the carpet and opened the door .

The room was fool of books and papers all over the room.

"Well this too much" said Rebecca's she definitely did not expect this.

"as this book, Dermantenos the king of Aveluian stole crystals from the water king that when they put this fate on all of the aveluian"

 "How do we solve this then ?''Rebecca asked

 '' we have to give the crystals back to the water kings ''Dwight replied 

"where do we find these water kings?" Rebecca asked while Matthew looking in to the books.

" behind the invisible waters that non of my family could figure out but they say there is this book " Dwight narrated.

" paths of the waters" notified Matthew," yeah no one seems to find " Dwight replied.

" my dad knows a lot of book what if we asked him" Matthew said with excitement .

"sure lets go then" Dwight opening the door.

Chapter three 


They arrived to Matthew house.old man watering his flowers wearing his old clothes as he sees his son he smiled . "hello what do we have here" Matthew foster father with a smirk , "dad these are my friends we wanted to ask you something" Matthew carried 

"come on inside then" invited them.

"Dad do you know a book named the path of the waters '' Matthew forwarding himself

 '' Where did you know shush don't let the witches hear you''

they all looked at each other at what is going on in the face.

the weird old man continued '' Lower your voice the witches hunger for those who search for the book ''

"why '' asked Dwight never has been interested  

 " because the crystals keep them alive and want to keep it '' The old guy Maffilious turned around to see if anyone heard him.

 so the book and crystals found at the same place" Rebecca carried .

 "of course buts its protected by the merciless witches if you go there you will not comeback alive and even if you wanted to go there no one seems to know where the book and crystal is" Maffilous continued '' why do want that book though ?''

" to change our fate so we can die naturally ''Matthew replied.

"do not be ridiculous the Aveliuan love their gift its precious and of course you guys are on a suicide mission I won't allow that ,stay out of this '' Maffilous insisted ''especially you'' pointing out at his son.

thanks for the talk we be heading out '' Dwight pulling them out'' i know where the book is''

 where ?'' the guy asked

 '' the tomb of the first Aveluian but we have to go in the evening tomorrow not alone ''said Dwight with excitement.

" we will let Scott now and gather the whole cru you at the tomb but keep this a secret no one must know" Matthew carried. 

Three of of them departed.

Chapter four 

as the next day they all gathered Dwight wearing all black carrying his fathers gun by the hand lead them .

 Scott and his gang half of them carrying shovel and guns followed Dwight.

 After half minute they arrived at the tomb .the boys started to dig up as they dig deep it turned midnight and reached solid ground ,they opened the coffin no book, no skeleton there was nothing . Dwight confused found an old note book before he got to open it..Dwight ,Matthew and Scott heard screaming ,they climbed out to see what's happening.

Women with black dresses with sword were there cutting half of the teenagers kids neck in half.

"run " shouted Rebecca .

Scott started firing the gun so does Matthew .

"No lets go"said Dwight and pulled them backwards.

Matthew,Scott, Dwight and half of the gang run for their lives.

After their long run they arrived at their camp which was underground .

the safe place for them .

Scott brust in heavy shout and cry ..sat down at the ground crying" i sacrificed my children and all for nothing " 

They all cried there eyes out.

Dwight open the note book he found ..he saw aportrait of the king avelious that look exactly like Mallious, father of Matthew as he continued reading which was Mallious journal .

Dwight got even more startled after he found out the hidden truth about how mallious stayed alive all these years he kept the crystal for him self and the only way to return the crystal is to find it and put it on a river that is where the water kings lies.

Dwight moved fast to where the gang were "Malleious is the avelious king he got the crystal "

"we should have never trusted this brat he got our friends killed" cried out Scott full of anger"get out" Scott shouted with aloud voice .

Some of the guys kicked him out . no wait lets here him out he found something I saw something In his hand said Matthew and brought him back.

Dwight read the note book , now they had a plan a great plan.

chapter five 

The note book the Avelious is absolutely unconscious while he sleeps that is when they must find the crystal.

As they arrived there were guards the same guards that killed their friends.the gangs eyes filled with anger and tears, killed all of the trained women so called witches.

While Dwight ,Matthew and Scott snicked up to Mallious room .

They found him sleeping ..the crystal was in his heart to get it they must stab his heart out .

Scott pulled out his knife as he was to stab him suddenly Malleious woke up .. threw Scott up to the roof he fail back to the ground ..Matthew start shooting Dwight run toward Mallious .

Mallious grabbed his neck 

Dwight unable to breath this is for my family stabbed him in the heart.

Malleious shouted as he real lose his grip but quickly turned the knife towards Dwight heart and stabbed Dwight .. They both failed on the ground .

Blood was everywhere .

Scott was up and saw everything and broken by the death of Dwight Jackson .

They all goy the crystals right after the police arrived and the whole city heard what happened so Dwights family arrived.

he did it he did it for us they both cried their heart out ..

After Dwight funeral The city together put the crystal on the river immediately their tattoo disappeared and they no longer suffered with fear or bound to the fate of their death .

The city of Aveluian remembered those who sacrificed them selves ,made a statue and named a day .

The Jackson family never been proud. 

   The end

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