Mysteries we longed for


mysteries we longed for

Today is another day, another reminder that the days are coming, I'm getting closer, closer to the final blow. I woke up rushed to my wardrobe lift my shirt up and shudder at the sight of it, and went straight to my lab, it's the only place that keeps my mind off of my daily misery. My lab these days has been functioning at its most, cables everywhere, chemicals and files I collected from people too or specimens as I like to call them. The specimens are the first ones I look into hoping to find something I missed why everyone in the team failed. They say we should stop this ,accept our fate but ,there's me I refuse to do that I must present myself as the hopeful even though my faith in what I do is almost nonexistent.

Today is the first day of tests on the real volunteers by volunteers I mean those who chose to break the curse. Who chose either to live with no fear or die defying it. The drugs will arrive a few hours later yet I still haven't finished the program, the real manipulator the one that plays their minds and help us figure out what's really wrong with them; us. Why is it that way, we need the answer to that.

It's already been an hour and I'm still reluctant to finish up while knowing I will mess everything up if I'm a second late. I glanced up at the clock stretched out the fatigue a little bit and got back to work. The program I'm working on consists of two main parts. One, a manipulator, something that'll surely make them be sure about what we're doing. Two, the part that works with the drug to ensure the tattoos are not functioning and are removed completely from the core. That's the only helpful finding from those before, the fact that the tattoos aren't just tattoos they're rooted somewhere in the body. If we succeed and remove the roots the only steps remaining would be psychoanalysis and the cruel exposure to the possible dangers which might lead to death; life if lucky. I heard a car pulling up outside. I rushed there and observed that all of the team and the supervising unit had gathered. That's too much expectation I thought, it always was, assured my mind. While they were getting things ready I went to wrap up. I was, until I noticed a minor error somewhere in the program and I was forced to rewrite some part of it, the clock is ticking. Now everyone's waiting for me, if only I hadn't slept, I thought, my mind would've helped me not to. The people have taken their seats the cables are being connected, mostly with their heads, because once again we're determined it's in the mind. I wrote the last line of the program and started to launch it, it was tested in every move so I didn't have to worry about crashes but, still possible. It has started but it's a tiny bit different than I thought, I brushed off that thought and checked if the functions are still intact, they were , this seemed like isomers same in formula but different structure, no I don't have time to dwell on these thoughts.

I connected everything needed in the room and waited for the medics to do same with the drugs. Five minutes in and we're noticing some changes becoming apparent, in their brains. I connected one of the programs to get the full function. The results are not at all satisfactory and are taking time. If we don't do this properly I wonder if any one of would even dare to bring up the idea again, this one was enough as is. Some minutes have passed by, we're ready to operate, everything seems in line, but that simple change in the program is something to keep in mind, something that I can’t just shrug off. It has officially started and one of them is showing some cell changes , changes we longed for, but not this soon we at least should’ve started the program fully and wait for minutes after that. Everyone seems confused, I tried to reassure the team, as if I don’t need one myself. We started the mind games, the program fully and still the changes weren’t much different. It took longer than we thought but again it is new, it is beta, it is fine, and these are the words that I keep telling myself. I heard a noise coming from one of the test subjects we all turned our heads to that particular person, we saw that the tattoo and the roots are almost completely gone, something suddenly fell off, the roof, the concrete maybe it fell on the persons head, everyone started to panic, the medics went to check on him, and unlike any other thing in the world something is going how people want it to, the universe conspired to just go with our plan, when I reviewed the file of this person they were destined to die from a crash. We still don’t know how that happened but we have surveillance cameras everywhere so most of our process was captured. At the end some remain mysteries, but hey, aren’t mysteries what we did all this for isn’t not knowing the future what we thrived for.

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