Yes, you

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ሻማ ሆይ መብራትክን አይተክ መቅለጥክን ረሳህ።

In your youth , while your energy is fresh like ripe mango you would like to fix every little thing you noticed. You would strive to bring the peace, love and harmony you wished to have around you. As time passes by you would start noticing how this life foundations can't be built with a single person. You realize everyone must participate in every possible way. It would just be like unrequited love. There always had to be a response that should keep the balance of your foundation. Then the tree of your hope would start losing it's leaves. Yet, you are young you have that energy that could keep the world intact. So again you would try to fix every broken piece. You would choose your words, your thoughts and your actions. You try to make it sound more sophisticated. You would think this as a transformation, as a positive growth that age has given you. But again the changes wouldn't satisfy you. You see the empty bottle ready to be filled here and there. Just like that your age will run away from you taking your vibrant energy. And then you would see what you have been doing so far. You would question your actions, your sanity, your intentions. You would rarely learn your short comings instead you would romanticize your hard work and investments. Then the questions of adulthood will pop up in your brain. 'Are you appreciated for your effort?' ' Did they notice what you have been doing?' 'Are you happy with this today that you wanted to build in the past?'. The answers will be difficult than the questions cause it was never about you, it never was, it never will be. Disappointment will start crawling into your heart. Your soul will be tainted with resentment. Your dreams will be filled with regrets. But what can you do? Your time in this world is already gone. It will be too late to live your life with out fixing, painting and changing. You were always busy seeing the ugliness of every hole. You never cared to look at the beauty of the clouds above you. And just like that you see yourself being sacrificed with even being notified, without your consent. After that thought you will never smile the same way.

But only for a moment, can you actually learn to accept things as they are? Can you let go? Can you let the river to create its own path? Can't you stop picking up your hammer when ever you see a lying nail? Can't you just let it be? Can't you?

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