the phone call

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Have you ever wondered, questioned, got tired? Here is the glimpse.

She said, "Rose you okay? I feel like something is wrong with you." "Hmm.... I don't know am I being too loud?" I replied. "No it is know....I feel like you are trying to hide something inside And....?" I asked myself. what am I hiding? I mean I have been I am just tired. I am just wondering if all of my up and downs are worth living for the unknown tomorrow. You know in a time like this, you can never know how and when you will die. Death is something every one of us carry in our left pocket. Life gets pretty exhausting. Sometimes the dreams you thought was closer than ever might actually be very far, just like the stars. The stars look dazzling and very near when you see them on the sky. But they are actually very very far away from our sky. The years you considered as 'not hard to handle' might actually have days longer than a year. And you might end up asking why? is this all life has to offer me? "Hello, Rose you there?" she interrupted my disoriented thoughts. "yes, I am here. I am just tired.Don't worry I am okay." This has to be the right answer. " Okay my dear, just wanted to make sure everything is alright. we will talk soon." She knew I wouldn't say any other thing. She gave up. " sure don't worry. We will talk soon. bye." The phone call was short but the thoughts it stirred was a lot. Any ways, How are you? You okay?

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