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some chitchats going on.

It is wedding season, lots of pictures on the social media and some invitation cards laying in my desk. I have to give them to my boss. She is a serious lady who happens to smile frequently. Though she is a respected lady in her job, her marital status happens to be the topic of discussion especially on times like this. 'Every young lady in this company is married. is she claiming to be younger than the rest? Hahaha.... she isn't even bothered about it.'........' you just wait and see, she will come to the wedding all dressed up like last time. she has no shame.'.......' weddings are nice to find husband let her try her chance'......blah blah........

For every wedding happening in that company her name has to spice up the discussion of age and singleness. while I was thinking how to give her the cards, she came into the office. " Good morning, what is new today?" she was already scanning the invitation cards. okay here comes the emotional moment. what do I say now? Brain answer me! I was trying to find the right thing to say.

"The season of gossips will begin now." she was talking to herself. Although she had never reacted to any of their comments, today she looked somehow affected. Everyone might give comments nonchalantly. say this and that then move on with their own life but no one bothers about how it could disturb that someone.

"Bring me my morning tea dear." she snapped me out of my thoughts. " sure" For a moment I wanted to know about her love life. My curiosity got the best out of me and asked her " have you ever fallen in love?" did it sound judgemental? I hope not. she looked at me and smiled. " do I look like someone who has never experienced love?" I didn't know what to say. Is this a yes or no question? "I may not have a lot to share on that aspect but I have loved a few." I couldn't hide my surprise . she is in her mid thirties; strict with her job; not that much flirty and desperate when ever handsome guys come into our office and still single. Now she is telling me she loved a few, okay. " You don't have to be surprised. okay, let me tell you about the best one so far." I was all ears. I sat down ignoring her tea request.

"It happened while I was in collage, he was my senior. I started talking to him. He was the sweetest thing that ever happened to me. Well, he didn't like me back but he was good enough to stay around. my heart used to stop when he called my name. It sounded perfect and special." I was confused yet amazed. This lady in-front me couldn't possibly feel all this. Yep, I saw my judgemental face right there. People always had some other stories we would never expect them to have, yet we all are busy trying to fit them into some categories we created.

"I used to have so many unsent letters collections. I wanted to tell him a lot but I couldn't have the courage and the perfect timing, so I kept them with me. I still get embarrassed when I start reading them. He was my imbalance of life. I even have many pictures of him taken without him noticing. I was almost his stalker too." she went back to make her tea. This 'I got it all under control' lady actually lost her balance once. Good to know right.

"But now I think of it, I wonder if I was really in love with him or just with the idea of love. I couldn't possibly love someone that much."

"So what happened next?"

"Nothing, I learned how to unlove him. And it all turned into good days memory. Love or 'the idea of love' turned out to be mortal." she was already heading to her office.

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