Short= ቆንጆ

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By the way I am short too!

Some days are just long, so long that I tend to forget the beginning. I have a love hate relationship with longer things. Long journey is interesting until it gets boring and endless, long lasting love is a dream come true until I see some form of obsession and self love in it, long fights are species of life until it crushes my hope, see long is nice but not good enough to stick on it for so long. I am glad death exists for this world, I mean imagine living this life again and again non-stop , a terrible scene to imagine. I think even nature knows how the existence of long things ruin beauty. The most dazzling and breathtaking phenomena is always short and brief. The morning sun, the sun set, childhood days, lovely songs, near to perfection books, the smiles of babies, tress changing colors, leaves falling, flowers blooming, the scent of loved one's, funeral moments, tears of happiness......mention any beauty, it is just short. It all goes away whenever it stays longer than it should. Short is sweet yet satisfying, it is limited but memorable. I have always wondered why movies ,well exceptional movies, are  so touching and why do I always wish to live like that? clear answer right, cause it is short enough. I want my life to be inside and between so many beautifully written lines. Why? cause short is poetic. I can say a lot about the incense of shorter things in the world and how they are constructed aesthetically. But even life is short right?   

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