Rain Rain Come again

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Let it rain and of course Let all the musics pour around.

It is Ginbot. A rain was a rare thing to see, yet it has been raining for weeks now. Today was a random day, a day to do all the routine tasks but it started raining. And the best thing to do in this time of the day was listening musics, not only listening but also reading their comments. The rain poured when the doors of sky opened, just like that the soul of human beings open up while listening to lovely musics. At least I think so........

Brielle Von Hugel- 'The one that got away'
*My girlfriend passed away, wish we have another life and let her be my girl.
* We always have that one person who can stay in our heart but not in our life.

Benson Boone- 'In the stars'
*This song is something.......I miss him, my boyfriend passed away last year. I search him in the stars but he is gone, and it just hurts.

Sasha Alex Sloan- 'Dancing with your ghost'
*It hurts very badly when you love someone more than yourself but they don't and every and each time they made you realize that you are nothing for them.
*When life hits hard, all you think about is those good old days. when all your loved ones are there to cheer you, encourage you, appreciate you, to understand you but how they are no longer here, no more in your life.

Alan Jackson- 'The older I get'
*When Lord called her I began to know the truth, 60 years with her were not enough. Things that I know after she passed away made me wonder about myself. Lord, please let me see her again. I need to apologize for my stupidity. I was given a fantastic woman and I didn't treasure her enough.

Brad Paisely and Alison Krauss- 'Whiskey Lullaby'
*This reminds me of my parents divorcing and it made me cry.
*I listen to this song every night so I can feel something before I sleep.

The Carpenters- ' Yesterday once more'
*15 years already passed.....but just like yesterday.
*Call it what you want. Nostalgic melancholy or living in the past. It is always pleasant to be reminded and revisit your old favorites.

Eric Clapton- 'Tears in heaven'
*I pray there is a heaven where I will once again hold my Sharon, my angel wife of 57 years who had to leave 2 months ago.
*Lost my 21 years old son last night. I'm breaking. He is gone way too soon and no way was I ever prepared for this. Kids are supposed to outlive their parents. Rest in paradise my sweet boy.

Kansas- 'Dust in the wind'
*These songs cause me to realize just how fast time goes by, once I was young and now I'm in retirement years. Life moves fast. I was in my teenage when this song got released.

The Beatles- 'Let it be'
*Paul said that this song is inspired from a dream that he had when the Beatles were about to break up, he said his mother came to him in his dream and said just let it be!!! Truth and fact.

Bee Gees- 'How deep is your love'
*Keep me warm in your love, then you leave softly.
*The moment, as I stand in the kitchen and you had hold me! It is the best feeling I ever felt in this life.




Let it rain and of course let all the musics pour around.

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