Monsters are here

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Don't search for something obvious, look under the table.

When I was a child, I used to read different monster stories. They were strange looking creatures with horns and sharp teeth. Some had long nails with black or purple colors. A few were nice while most were brutal. So monsters were pictured perfectly. How about now?

I was expecting to see how human monsters would look like. They couldn't have horns but at least something that would give them a look with horn has to appear right? Even though their long nails aren't there, I should sense the pain when ever they touch me right? But no, that wasn't the case for humans. On the contrary, they were very nice people who would act like they loved me or know my worth. They didn't scary me but made me believe and depend on them. They manipulated my affection and care. They abused my kindness and generosity.

I expected such things from people who "looked" bitter and rude, cause monsters have "looks". But toxic people exist under the skin of politeness and niceness. I would never see them for who they really were cause they loved me or maybe they were my friends. If I saw something different, I would choose denial than acceptance cause monsters couldn't be like this.

I remember in those story books some monsters actions were justified 'It ate people cause some other bad monster ate the whole family. The monster was sad and hurt and now rage has gotten the best of it.....' So when people do something bad, it is because they had tough childhood or maybe someone has hurt them or else they don't know how to do the whole bonding thing....... every mistake, every red flag is justified. And everything would reveal when things got hard and became unbearable, well if I was lucky enough. But at most, I would see those monsters after I failed to survive or after I started bleeding.

I wish those story books showed me how monsters with non-monstrous looks were worse than the others. Maybe I would have opened my eyes to check everywhere instead of being oblivious. Now, even though I couldn't detect them with just their looks I definitely know monsters are here.

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