Knock Knock

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Open the door, it might rain. And please don't make me wait this time.

I don't have a story as a hero but as a human being waiting in patience since some yesterdays. In the beginning, long ago, I thought I had a glorified story to share one day. This would inspire someone in despair, someone trying. It was fun, I mean new challenge unlocked what could go wrong? In the middle it started being pointless, why was I striving this much? Is these all worth it? What was the point of all these blood and tear? I wanted to live a satisfied life I never started this to be the 'superhuman'. In spite of all these thoughts, I kept on doing what I was supposed to do. It was going to end peacefully, you know with out creating that much of a chaos. It was just a beautiful path filled with a few pebbles. I was gonna smile brightly. Finally something was going to end normally, if and only if it wasn't my fate to wait again.

Just like that I was destined to survive and strive more. I needed to wait some more time to smile again. I tried to be okay about it. It was always for the best right? But why do I have to be tested with my patience every single time why me? Why can't it end at its normal pace? Why do I have to always suck it up and keep walking? Why doesn't it get easy at least this time?

Somehow without any exaggeration I waited for many things in these life. A  genuine apology that could remind me of I too was a human being, an honest explanation of why some things happened, real confessions of love,  some thankful words that could touch my heart........ I waited all these and many more. And I didn't get to see all these happening, I just convinced myself to leave them as they were. Instead of wondering their answers I learned to forget them. See how my life is full of waiting.  

Waiting in hope of getting something was humane, until I got tired. It was tiring to wait for every single rain drop after looking at the sky for days, months, sometimes years. For someone who waited occasionally  this sounds like a joke right, waiting had hope, it had persistence and rare love.  I agree if and only if It wasn't my daily life. 

So this is my final statement. I am tired, terribly exhausted. I feel it in my bones, just like an old maid who spent her life serving others. My back aches. No sleep could ease it, fresh air didn't help much. After sometime every destruction from the truth became a drug that doesn't work anymore. So please change my life, Dear God swap my life with someone who isn't destined to wait for ages. Don't you think I waited enough?

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