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wishing you a merry Christmas full of love and joy.

It is the season of gifts. Even though it is a religious celebration, many people in the world celebrate it as a normal cultural holiday. People exchange gifts and kids look forward to it. The vibe and the entire warmth it brings makes it a beautiful and vibrant holiday. Me and my friend were sitting in a random cafe, on a random day around school. The cafe was assembling the Christmas tree. We were talking about family issues and that was where i found my Christmas gift.

She was talking about her family and her childhood. She doesn't have parents, they died when she was a little kid. She grew up with a friend of her parents. In the real world many don't have the big heart to accept and love the one who actually doesn't relate to them. And she was telling me how being her was hard. And the comes the voice that said out loud 'gratitude'. Have I ever appreciated the fact that I have parents? Have I ever valued the presence of the institution? Hmmmmm, I don't think so. Why? cause i have it. I could say a lot about the things I lack in my family, but I don't remember being thankful about having one in the first place. See, you know the value of many things when you actually don't have it or lose it in the middle. I think we all are like that. WE have a profoundly rooted habit of underestimating valuable things which could not be bought with any money in the world.

Peace, health, friendship, family, a genuine smile, sunlight, the smell of green plants , sparkling eyes of a little kid, the ultimate love of marriage and so on. The real gem of life relies in this gifts of life. Instead of buying a bunch of flowers for this and the coming Christmases, let us start appreciating the flowers we have in our life before it wilts. Merry Christmas.

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