Unrequited Love

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The Boy Who Loved His Classmate

**The Boy Who Loved His Classmate**

16-year-old John was a shy and introverted boy. He was always the last one picked for teams in gym class, and he never had a girlfriend. But one day, everything changed.

John's math class was assigned to work on a group project, and he was paired with the most beautiful girl in school, Sarah. John was immediately smitten, but he was too shy to talk to her.

Sarah was friendly and outgoing, and she quickly befriended John. They spent hours working on their project together, and John started to feel like he was finally connecting with someone.

One day, John worked up the courage to ask Sarah out on a date. She said yes, and they went to see a movie together. John had a great time, and he started to think that maybe he had a chance with Sarah after all.

But then, Sarah started dating another boy. John was heartbroken. He couldn't believe that the girl he loved was with someone else.

John tried to move on, but he couldn't stop thinking about Sarah. He knew that he would never forget her.

One day, John was walking home from school when he saw Sarah sitting on a bench. He sat down next to her and told her how he felt.

Sarah was surprised, but she was also flattered. She told John that she had always liked him too, but she had been afraid to tell him.

John and Sarah started dating, and they quickly fell in love. They were together for the next two years, and they had a wonderful time.

But then, Sarah went to college in another state. John was heartbroken, but he knew that he had to let her go.

John and Sarah stayed in touch, and they continued to love each other. But they knew that they could never be together again.

John eventually moved on with his life, and he met another girl. He got married and had a family.

But he never forgot Sarah. She was the love of his life, and he would always cherish the memories they had made together.

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