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Change is an alteration to a process, ways, people, relationships, and directions. #CHANGE_MANAGEMENT

Change is an alteration to a process, ways, people, relationships, and directions. In this dynamic world, change is a live witness. We all go through changes. But here, we all should manage different changes from different perspectives. The change indicates the new way to go with. Change is the different version of something. Individuals at different levels face changes every day. The thing is, the way we handle those different changes.

Nowadays organizations face different changes. They face changes in terms of employees, system, process, relationships, material, and plans. Leaders now should use different techniques to handle the changes. One of the most effective changes management the Harvard University brings to the leaders across the globe are;

  • Preparing the organization for change: if we know that change is dynamic and can happen at any time, leaders should get ready their organizations for different kinds of changes. In this stage, the leader is responsible for helping employees to get to know the importance and nature of change. Now, all employees will expect change on the same level of expectation.Craft vision and plan for change: different changes need different plans. These plans will help all the employees (including the leader) to achieve the change management plan. While crafting this plan, do consider the strategic goals, key performance indicators, project stakeholders & teams, and the project scope.Implement the changes: here, leaders should focus on empowering employees in order to achieve the crafted plan. There should be an assessment to clear and help employees' roadblocks that block the road in order to achieve the change management plan.Embed changes with company cultures & practices: Once the change initiative has been completed, change managers must prevent a reversion to the prior state or status quo. this is particularly important for organizations to incorporate change into them and to relate the change with the process, workflows, culture, and strategies.Analyze results & review progress: Once the change management is crafted, implemented, and embedded, now the leaders should do an analysis on the effectiveness of their plans. And then it is recommended to review how it is going. If it is going well, the leaders & the employees can go with the crafted plans. But, if the progress lags as per the planned vision, it is time to review and go back to the first step of crafting a newly modified plan.

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