The ripple effect of generosity


a sneak peek of a book by Daniel Goleman on emotional intelligence ,skimmed & merged opinion about equality ,equity and balance. Finally an outreach to serve

This past month, I have read a book by Daniel Goleman titled “Emotional Intelligence- why it can matter more than IQ”. Unlike other times, I wasn’t fortunate enough to talk about the book with friends. Nevertheless, I do take time to meditate on the best-read information shared by the author.

Goldman suggests there is more than one way for a person to be considered smart. while most people think of being smart with one’s IQ level, the author shines alight on emotional intelligence. Which is the skill to handle one’s own emotions as well as being able to interpret the emotions of others. The author has categories the whole book into five parts. Of the sections, the second part intrigued me to think more so on equality, equity and balance. 

the second part of the book,” The nature of emotional intelligence,” the author depicts the yin and yang of IQ and EQ as predictors for a successful life. He showcases individuals with high IQs have been shown to be failure in their everyday lives, yet many other individuals with average IQ lead very successful everyday lives. The author more tells quantitatively that only 20 percent of a person’s practice success is dependent on IQ, the rest is decided by emotional intelligence.

The book is really an interesting read. Center stone for me was though, for most of our life span our parents and fosters push into our academic career more than the emotional intelligence that will be imparted with time through the stay we spent with and around them. It is considered extravagant to teach or even care to pay attention of how a person feel or do express its feelings. collecting the spring of thoughts into one end, it might be impossible to bring equality between our kind, since our iq and Eq awakening period would be different. But it is vital that we stand on the firm ground of equity. we, the youth auspicious enough to get education, clean water, food, shelter, family, health, companionship, friends, job, wealth, liberty and information, shall think of ways to share from what we have while reaching to advance our practical skills and emotional intelligence.

Time is a limited resource, and it is hard to find balance even on thyself. with more chaos than order into the daily routines we follow through on city life. I know how hard it gets to think beyond oneself. But the good news is generosity has a rippling effect. A small kind of kindness to share your privileges to others will make the now – recipient into future donor. Not only that, the circular ripple would impact your life in positivity way. And NO, am not talking about a halo over your head. I am talking about a proven fact it would change you and your life in emotional mastery that leads to success.

(This winter season is a good time to share, serve and be served from the rippling effect of generosity. if anyone have any idea how collectively we could volunteer to serve, I would be reached at +251910609587(

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