The fun and furry of youth

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a reflection on energy ,fun and the self criticism, furry of the phase in youth and ways to address it.


It was Sunday, around noon my collage buddies and I are in an outdoor fresco dinning somewhere in Addis. We talk on reminiscence of our collage memories and laugh on some views we used to adapt as principle. “Guys, it’s been 9 months since we graduate, we are heading for the year leap “says a friend who sat beside me. With the remark we are getting old by day and our expectation from back then to the present hunted the fun and play we had for minutes. Almost all of us are engaged on some kind of work and we are grateful considering the state of the nation and the unemployment rate. I have read a piece from loline magazine by a blogger which entertain the dilemma of the young in which many and contrary ideas from the recommender’s corner made him to question what is really the right thing to do. The idea of keeping on a lane, trying to find a job that could give you a professional career and contrary idea that preaches to study the market, find a way to expose yourself and engage in social media and internet fiasco and you will live above your means preach.


Now a days everyone seems to flock to the latter idea and everyone of us has become the consumers and producer of the internet hustle. Wises, wants and needs have intermingled in the era of 21th century. Another friend who sat at the fore presume “I met loza last week on a queue to home, to your surprise she is doing well. Beside the add courses left to her bachelor degree, she works in marketing …” everyone vocalizes their thought. Later that night after all the talk and fun comes to an end, we dispersed to our own place as it gets late.


On my way to home, I came to realize we are not in scarce of knowing what is right for us or not. We, as a generation, are not robbed of information on what we want or how to get better at it. Rather in my perspective we are being robbed of our time and energy with too many information, information and fun that we can not process with the time we have. Social medias and contents which are in stock everyday to fog and weaken the hunger to reflect on oneself and prepare to make a change on our routines so that we could arrive onto the clear destination we hope to get. Fun ways leading to furry. Meters from my alight, a song starts to play from the radio in the taxi. It was john mayer song, “… we just feel like we don’t have the means, to rise above and beat it. so, we keep on waiting (waiting) waiting for the world to change…”.

For those who are privileged ,whom not worry on what to eat, where to accommodate and free access to the internet, as we wait for the world to change, let us carve our way on what we really want with discipline and productive routine. For everything there is a season, sow good and hopefully it will ripe good. For those who are in challenge to live to the means, I want you to know I know that the fight isn’t fair, I hope more luck will pray upon your challenges. The last line as I get off the taxi on the crowded square came out from john’s song,’ one day our generation is gonna rule the population so we keep on waiting (waiting) waiting for the world to change.” Friends as we wait, let’s own the tool box to rule thy and others future that is at near bay.

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