fate , luck and endeavor

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a quick perpective on fate ,luck and hardwork .aimming at motivating on striking thoughts on the subject,

Every now and then I take a walk with my colonial friend on late noon’s. As the sun Dows, cold air breezes to the city and job holders’ queue for means of transportation, my friend and I would walk through and by those queue walkways discussing evolving topics with our own perspectives in it.

Imagine this a child that is born from a heavy drinker father and an anxious mother. Who are kind ,sociable and all other culture inherited presentation skills in and outside the household, except for their down side .that child with trainable mind and body fate is to be socially acceptable people pleaser .lets assume he got lucky to get formal and informal education from different means .see now, if he uses the luck that presented itself before him and be in the process of knowing thyself , he then could decide to put the endeavor that is required of him to junction and change the lane of his fate. That child fate was not the same as this lucky fella who come to realize the child in him and decide what to do with the young and old within him. Yet if he keeps on a tracking the obvious routine and normalcy, he is then surely will live up to his fate.

That is one way of looking those phenomenal, I don't like when I don’t come up with things to same immediately. we are half way to our roundabout. A few minutes of silence and fusion with our environment & thought took over. a couple who looks so much in love cleave their way between us.as we approach towards, I told him I see your point. But beside chance and endeavor, there is also living to the best of your potential and circumstances that are near around you that could determine you luck and fate. I think if we watch the news for an hour, we would notice easily how circumstances have ruined or blessed people’s fate. Think of the accidents and a random number lotto winner. In spite of what one figures to do, that very occasion has already altered his fate don’t you think?

I am onto the same wheelhouse here, if a person to his protentional sat on the safe travel, tries to be a responsible tie to his knowledge on the travel and then crashed and then lost his/her life. The only conclusion one could draw is, well he could have had a better fate, sadly he/she was unlucky!

Come on, this is unfortunate and miserable! Words blurt from my mouth. We reached our roundabout, as we trace another route home .my friend pays attention to the unlucky flea marketer who is being whipped by an officer .as I gaze back to our way, my buddy walk is leading him into an open manhole on the pedestrian walk. i pinched his arm for him to pay notice, as we pass by the manhole, my friend said “see, it is my lucky day!’

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