Surviving Foot number one!


How do we live if we knew that we are survives everyday? Will we live indifferent or do we change something?

It was a rainy day, around that neighborhood and I was on my way from school running having my boots on. I loved playing in the rain, I love the water more when it rains I guess. I hate cold but love the rain; so by the time it rains, there is no cold for me to feel just the rain, my boots, and me. It used to be the same on that very day too. Me, the rain, and those pair of boots but I was in the wrong neighborhood so there was mud too.

You see I like to play, I like my boots and the rain but will the same apply in the other neighborhood? It didn't matter at first I played as much as I could, It wasn't easy or comfortable but for the sake of the rain, I tried my best to have fun. I knew it was the wrong place, wrong neighborhood, and different but with the rain that I love. I managed to stay there having fun longer than I thought, to my surprise. And now my one foot got stuck in the mud, no longer having fun, regret and I should have stopped in the first place huh? Those should be the thoughts. Nah, not at all. Actually I'm glad, and so happy, that I got the other surviving foot outside. One is stuck but the other survived, which means I still have the chance to make things right even if it will for sure get difficult now.

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