Calamity, Romance and Tragedy

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In a world where there is calamity the opposite always attract one another. They build a romance worth many tails but to their misfortune the story, often ends in tragedy.

In a world where heretics and fanatics reign,

Two hearts beat in secret, their love in vain.

For they belong to opposing sides,

In constant war, where no one abides.

The heretic, a rebel, with ideals of his own,

A free spirit, a dreamer, with a heart of stone.

And the fanatic, a believer, in God's divine grace,

Fighting for the righteous, with a fervent embrace.

Their love bloomed in darkness, in the midst of chaos and strife,

A forbidden fruit, a hope, a glimpse of a better life.

A love that burned hot, but it was doomed from the start,

Their love story written in tragic parts.

They made a pact, a pact to die,

To end their lives, together they'd lie.

But their death brought more than they intended,

More darkness, more pain, more chaos, soon descended.

The anarchists rose, with a thirst for power and control,

Taking over the streets, in an uprising, on a roll.

The heretic, now an anarchist, knew love wasn't worth the cost,

He killed his beloved, for the sake of himself, no love was lost.

He eagerly awaited, the arrival of the Antichrist,

A world in chaos, where nothing was right.

The heretic now a leader, an anti-hero in a dying world,

Waiting for the arrival, of the end, of the world unfurled.

Now their love, a distant memory,

A tragedy, a lesson in the pages of history.

In a world of chaos, where love doesn't survive,

The heretic survives, but love doesn't thrive.

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