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For those trying to sail in the sea of adulthood. For the Hemmingway lovers.

I am old enough to say I know better,

An adult with responsibilities;

a youth in my prime, full of chances.

I am at that age where I should

desire for a lover,

of being wined and dined,

and the so called, "the thrill of my romantic life"

I should be at that place where I should sort, my life long plan.

my hopes and dreams, and what I want out of life.

I should begin to think about other people,

but all I have gotten is a circle of loss.

loss of words, loss of interest

loss of passion, of connection

of family and of friends.

I have lost years slacking off.

I couldn't cope, I still can't cope;

with the tsunami that comes with change.

I am old enough to understand Hemingway,

with many of those I can't connect,

my soberity I can't maintain.

my loyal friends are my books;

my way to escape is solitude.

So Ernest my love, cheers to us

let us drink, to make other people interesting.

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