The Plague (Part Two)


a sequel

i have decided that i am never contracting syphilis. or any other STD for that matter. and thats a decision. if the pharmacist shrieks like this to a rash that i didnt exactly bring upon myself for the sake of pleasure like this, then he would go "ተው!! ፤ አታውጣው አታውጣው!! ያምሀል እንዴ አንተ! ጤና ጣቢያ ሂድ ፤ እንዲህ አይነት ነገር አናስተናግድም እዚ" for an STD. and let the record show that its not that disgusting, its just a rash, with random goosebump looking things growing at different paces on it (that change their colors based on their age).

is there no training ende, for making the patient feel safe and unashamed in front of the medical professional? was this reaction necessary? beza lay i didnt ask to show him, he's the one who asked "where's the rash?" and i volunteered to show him by pulling the collar of my shirt to the side until all sections of the rash were visible.

disclaimer (or, avoiding a defamation trail): i didnt go to the pharmacy mentioned in the previous article (because ታሽጓል) i went to another pharmacy.

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