Onism Soul

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Irony in fate and destiny

I"I always knew how I was going to die. It was written on my skin from the day I was born, but you..." those were the last words my father uttered before he turned cold in my hand .I felt Uma's tears on my shirt .

" Well all knew it was meant to happen infact we all have the same fate it's all just a matter of time " it was Aroso the head of our clan . He tapped my shoulder and gave Uma a confirming nod .

On our way home I couldn't help it I felt weak so fragile there six months each year our clan loses a soul and we don't even have a chance to decide how you know the end before you start living , and yet everyone accepts in with no buts . How is it possible for one to live knowing there's no light at the end of the tunnel I personally hate sleeping maybe I won't be able to see morning light. Uma said that my Sariz haven't showed up yet so there's no need to worry but that worried me what if I wake up one day and everyone I know died that is my worst nightmare.

Later that night I heard Asoro talking to Uma

" You know we can't keep him with us if the Sariz don't show up"

"I know just give him little time "

" I've nothing in hand if they come and find out he doesn't have Sariz -" then he sighed and left the house .

I stormed into the house Uma "why isn't my Sariz showing ?"

"Come here my boy "

"No! If my existinance is the threat for you I would be more than glad to die"

" Who said anything about death come here son I have something to tell you "

I hesitated getting close I felt she was just going to tell me more alibi . She can't fool me any more.

" Was I a sinister in past life is that why I don't have Sariz ? Is it a punishment Uma ? please tell me the truth " I was down on my knees crying. She came and cuddled me " Shh that's nonsense"

" Then why Uma? why? Is this happening to me ?"

She stood me up and we sat on the chair were she and father used to sit on" Back there your father was trying to tell you about the Lewo's"

I've heard about the Lewo's before at clan assembly they say that there the one who ruled all six island they won't be seen unless it's the Rednos season which happens to be at the last three days of each month .

They start off in Radih which is the first month of the year by inspecting the Magnolia's . Then the Tnepres in Rit , they say that the Rit is the only season of the year where the Tnepres can transmigrate . Then they head off to the Belladonna in Titakey . Father used to say the moment the Lewo's reach there the Belladonna's lose all there powers and enter to the third phase of Rebek .

Rebek is like a deep sleep where the soul grasps more power from the universe so the Belladonna's are the second most powerful clans then there is us the Nexiv's we are considered to be the third most powerful as we balanced the soul and mind and are considered as joyous and most trusted clan . Every time they visit our clan the trees the flowers any existing being radiates except me .

Everyone even my friends Nahha and Ukem, glow there Sariz shines brighter than ever .

Sariz is a birth mark on everyone  in accordance to there clan Lewo's have an owel , the Tnepres have serpent, Magnolia's took there name from that on majical tree that can purify the soul even the bottleneck sting of the Tnepres . Like wise the Magnolia's the Belladonna's and Saffron's took there clan name from their Sariz

. We Nexiv's Sariz is a fox .

The Lewo's last visit goes to the Saffron's they are the most vicious warrior and the sheild of our entire dominion.

Each clan Sariz is unique and the place it appears on signifys the life expectancy starting from the feet to the knees it's 20 years .

From the knee to the waist it's assumed it varies but the maximum age expectancy is 58,it unlikely but if it happens to be that you have Sariz from abdominal to neck yo have a high chance of living a centery. Any Saiz on the head the there's no doubt your a clan leader.

After they finish their visit on the fifth month Esahen . The Lewo's head back to there island and control the dominion interaction, trade and natural dynamic of seasons . The Lewo's left out land couple of weeks ago making me wonder why Uma or Father mentioned them.

" Do you know why the Lewo's come to our land ?"

"To keep in tact with our clan ?"

Uma chuckles a bit and then says "Then why do they come in Rendos only ?"

I gave her a puzzled look making her grin a little wider "You see at the beginning all six islands were all one and united and ruled by the Llun's "

"Llun's? How come I've never heard about them ?"

" Little that you know Udu little you know you see the Llun's were quite different. They owned the strength of all clans they are said to be on the pinnacle of holity of the soul and body . During there regin they did wonder like teleporting, incarnation even more that I doubt if it's possible"

"Then what happened to them ?"

"There dominion escelated to the verge that they were consumed by greed , treason seemed as a duty of everyone father's sold there wife's and kids for assets, Brothers killed one another for nickel and dime . It's was chaos everywhere the leaders of the Llun gathered up to go figure out a way out of this waste land all agreed to store there powers in the white obsidian but one of the them named Ilko refused to give away his powers even more he wanted to take all the souls fro himself . At the day of there next assembly he waited till all other leaders give in then casted a spell on every leader making him the only leader . No one knew about this matter till one day he confessed to his beloved wife . When she heard about her husband's deeds and how her father was trapped in the black obsidian which was once white . So she decided to take the black obsidian and crash it and so she did . You see the obsidian broke into six peace's making the dominion lands crack and be six different islands . Unfortunately the souls were still trapped in the stones but each stone took over each island and the people looked after each stone with care hoping that one day the leaders would be set free and they will restore the whole dominion"

" What happened to Ilko and his wife ?"

" Well she had I'll fate as Ilko burned her alive " I cringed just be thinking how it felt.

" What does it have to do with me not having Sariz ?"

" You see Ilko was the ruler of the Tnepres so he was able to soul shift before his death and it's said that he transmigrated to soul of a new born boy. " Uma paused for a moment and stared at my face then whispered "he died on Tibagem 28 "

I felt cold running through my spine down " So it's me ? I'm Ilko ?THATS WHY I DON'T HAVE SARIZ ?" I stood up and for a moment I carved distruction y I wished to destroy everything around me the burning sensation in my chest making me wish to pull my heart out . I wished if I could snap out of my body and confront it the truth.

"UKU LISTEN TO ME THERE'S A WAY TO MAKE YOUR SARIZ COULD YOU JUST LISTEN TO ME "that was the Uma screaming from the bottom of her heart for some reason her screams soothed me .

I turned around and pleaded her " what is it Uma please tell me ?"

The sighed in relief then spoke " You need to go to the Magnolia and looks for a person by the name Nogard only he can set your soul free "

I stood up and started packing my things to start off my journey to the Magnolia island .

At dawn Uma woke up early than usual then started enchanting something I'm assuming it's prayer to protect me . I finished packing and as I was about to leave Uma gave me a portion to drink

" What is this for ?"

"Just drink it go and come back to me safe my boy" I hesitated by drank it then started off in my journey along with the rise of the sun .


"Tobni could you keep your mouth shut your going to wake mamma and pappa."


The two kids were hiding under there father's desk holding lanter .

"Maren could you read it for me please "

Maren huffed "alright but if you make any sound I'll burn you like Ilko"

Tobni nodded .

" Uku headed to the he Magnolia island the strife alot alone he was barely surviving as he had nothing to eat ,he hide at day and traveled at night making him a victim of robbery in the Tnepres island . He was shot on his arm while he was traveling at night in the Belladonna's making his black out for weeks . He woke up in a witches house who was preparing to sacrifice him for there rituals.

He escaped from the witches house with aid of Uma's portion .

He bend and broke to reach the Magnolia island whan he reached there he searched for Nogard day and night but he was nowhere to be found . Udu lost hope . All the pain the strife he been through felt as it was for nothing . The pain on his arm he was shot on became stronger that he couldn't take it no more , and at the age of 40 Udu died being poisoned by the Belladonna's toxins."

"Uh this is brutal " said Tobni.

" I know why would -"

"Kids where are you, you know it's time for bed right ?"

"Alright mamma " both kids sneaked out of the room holding the book

"There you are , what are you holding ?"

Tobni showed her the book

" Oh you silly kids"

"Mama why was the universe so brutal on Udu ?"

" You see sweetie everyone of us have a specific mission to fullfill in our life to each and everyone of as are chosen for a reason . Udus Misson was to lock the Ilkos spirit forever all thanks to him out dominion are united"

"But how ?"

Nahha swept Tobni off his feet .

"You see after his death they took him to the Pans and were able to transmigrated Iklos soul to the black obsidian. The broken pieces all united so did the islands "

"What if Udu didn't sacrifice himself?" That was Maren slipping into her bed .

" Anything you can imagine could be real darling "

Nahha sat down next to Maren and said "Do you know what Udu's last words were ?"

She looked at Maren but she was already asleep.


Who said it's over?


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