Insomniac thoughts

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When pain and pen rhyme

There's always"Maybenot"

They say hope dies last but what would you do if it came first

Stranded and strained thrown to the darkest valley

No one can help but I'm meant to feel pity

Yet I no pain so I suffering the pain

Not able to show your emotions how unfortunate being I'm

Here it's comes to posses me as I'm the fool in the puppet show

Raise me high then halt me with confidence

Threw me down to trash bag and tell me I'm arrogant

What a feeble creater I'm perplexed by the self

That image in the mirror I've crafted my self

Just despair from my limbs snatch my mind and my heart

Hope your enjoying my blood pouring in your hand

For dripping in defeat bowing for your torcher

My Ying and Yang aren't maintained any longer

Take my hopes and dreams for it's the price I'm ought to pay

I was born unlucky I shall die the same way

But keep this in mind my soul is always mine for it was passed to me by the omin-potent God

So I've right to keep it as long as I'm alive .

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