You Are Being Prepared For Greatness

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Why you are going through what you are going through - An honest reasoning.

Look around. Look where you are. Look at what you do. Does it all feel just right? Those with a yes to that, good for you! You can move to the next post. For the rest of you feeling stuck, hang on for a couple of minutes. Just know only those who feel like going feel stuck. At least, you are a traveler at heart. 

Are you wondering why you are still doing this job? Are you wondering why your hard work hasn't paid much in progress? Are you wondering why you haven't gone as far as you meant to? As overwhelming as your bewildered mind could make it sound, it is not the first time to happen to a human.

You look back and remember the days you woke up high on ambition. The sun was brighter, the air softer, and all sounds sweeter. The day looked promising. You were striving for what you wanted, and it felt so good. Life made sense. You had a grand plan laid out to build up your dream. You were going to give it your best.

You have heard tales of high-achievers having grit in the toughest of times. It painted a figure of what hardship could look like, and you promised to stick through. You were not going to drop out. You could taste the pleasure of fighting. You can see your big ideas coming to life. You were born for this.  

Days went by, and you were determined. You seemed unstoppable in explaining your dream to people. Your energy is almost contagious. You knew what you wanted; you had a plan, and you were working on it. People ridiculed you, but your conviction convinced a few of them. You had little triumphs here and there that were proving your doubters wrong. Even some are jealous you figured it out this early in life. 

You were so consumed in the good life that you didn’t notice getting familiar. Then, it hit you. The days were not as bright, nor the sounds as sweet. You were caught in the routine. The days have counted down, but you haven’t had the leap. You have sacrificed so much, but little is the result. Now, you are slowly losing your drive. It has taken way longer than you imagined, and you are having second thoughts. 

You doubt your dreams like those around you once did. They used to explain to you why this was to fail. They showed you cases that ended badly. They called you crazy for saying you will still try. You feel like the pattern is catching up on you too. Are you going to be in that same old failed story? Now, you are thinking if the doubters were right.

Wait! Think of that person you always looked up to. Take the story and change it a bit. Say that person went through the ups and downs but quit before he got to where he did. Knowing the better way the story would have gone, you find the new narrative boring. No one would have known the story anyway. We do not want to hear about those who eventually quit but championed no matter what. You did not come this long to give up now. You didn’t go through all that to walk away now.  

When you are at your most despondent, breath. Every successful person admits to having those lows. It is about how you take setbacks. Failure is not fatal unless you choose it to be final. Breath deeper and remind yourself this is to prepare you for greatness. The harder it gets, the greater the heights.   

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