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Have you ever wondered where you could stay the night, perhaps after a night out with your friends?

Maybe you don't know how much money you'll need, or maybe you're tired of sleeping in cars, burger joints, and other places. In other areas of the world, we have seen websites and apps addressing this problem, such as, Trivago, and, but such services have not been established locally, at least not to my knowledge, for various reasons, including a lack of online payment(hopefully, it will be resolved soon). This is where the app we're discussing today,, comes in. It is a firm that acts as a hotel aggregator, assisting users in finding the best hotels in Ethiopia. The platform, which is called, will be accessible via a mobile app and website. enables users to discover the nearest hotel rooms alongside their price, type of rooms, and services they want to get with alternative payment solutions. allows you to find nearby hotel rooms with filtered pricing. The essential element in which excels is in shortening the transaction cycle. has concentrated on producing a highly efficient, easy-to-use, localized mobile application for the client in the hotel business, where you constantly have several touch-points with the customer. The company was able to develop an app that allows customers to book a hotel stay in three simple steps.

In the first phase, you send your query, and the site provides a wide range of choices in your location. The next step is to choose a room type, a day, and the number of rooms, followed by a confirmation click to reserve."Booking technology, the company that founded, had a simple business approach for working with hotels. "Before listing their properties on the online site and application, owners need to meet minimal service, feature, staff, price, and security standards. According to Natnael Mekonnen, CEO of Booking Technologies, they hope to have 40+ hotels available on their site within the next several weeks.

So, after hearing about their services, I went to check out their website. I came across a simple UI or interface that is appealing enough to pique my interest and entice me to delve more. Although I would have preferred a pick your location approach for search, their website seemed to demand me to type my location. And it was a little tedious for me considering I could have been outside, maybe a little tipsy(Don’t judge me), and so on. But I persisted, scrolling down to see what more they had to offer. While they are presently only available in Addis, I realized they intend to expand to other cities as well. It was fantastic because most tech companies essentially focused on Addis. They also have choices for filtering by price, property, and facilities, such as pool, breakfast, and parking. These features are great because I could discover more about the location I was going to before I went there. Also, I found the number of images offered was sufficient in providing a visual representation of the rooms provided.

After that, I decided to sign up and give it a go. And that didn't go smoothly. To start with, I would say it would have been nice to have a signup-with-google option to make things even easier, but I won't complain too much about this. Then I noticed that the OTP (one-time pin or password like those 4-digit numbers sent on your phone after registering to a system) was also not working, and there was no button to make it resend again.

Then I decided to download their mobile app, hoping that the issues would be sorted. So I went to the play store to download the app and saw that it had approximately 1k+ downloads, which is a fantastic number for a new app. Then, after downloading the app, I was still captivated by its design, which has some appealing illustrations and so on. Then I came to the point in time to see if the registration was successful or not…, and the rest is history.

Recapitulating my review, I'd say appears to be a forward-thinking corporation with a thorough awareness of its surroundings. They also seem to have a good design. But due to the registration issue, I couldn't see it further; this could potentially be a minor problem at the time of my review. I hope it will be resolved soon.

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