How To Best Spend The Coming Cold Rainy Days

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It is getting darker and colder. Are you going to laze through it? Sure, that is the easy thing to do. But how about making the best out of it? Take the dark as a dimension of light, and the cold as a new way to experience life. You might end up with the happiest memories.

It is understandable if you want to stay snug in the comfiest clothes. Be open to the possibilities. Maybe you are on a school break or have a job commitment and counted free time. There is just so much fun you can have this summer.

First, no day is too cold or too rainy to stay gloomy. But, if you are not ready with a plan, wait for it to consume all of your energy. This piece has come to the rescue. Here are some tips on how you could make the best of this cold season.

Going outdoors

When it is not raining, take a walk dressed in layers. The swishing air is fresher with a promise to lighten your mood. Don't give in to the urge to wrap yourself in a blanket, musing on how freezing it must be outside. There are many exciting summer destinations. Go on a hike with friends or family. Set up a campfire and throw in some music. It is way more fun than bundling up yourself for movie episodes and making friends with the TV remote.

Learn a new skill

What is that thing you always wished you knew how to do? It could be playing an instrument, designing graphics, learning a new language, computer programming, skating, cooking an exotic dish, or anything you can name. You have been putting it off for so long. Make it no later than this season. 

Get your mind busy mastering a new skill. You never know if any of your hobbies will grow into a rewarding profession. Success happened that way for countless people. We are in the cheapest decade to educate ourselves. Read books and sharpen your thinking. Among the many online learning sources, Youtube is a go-to for many self-development enthusiasts. You can check out other offline opportunities as well.


Yes, this weather could make basic life laborious. Be ready for downpours, unexpected jams, and sudden reschedules. These things could make anyone moody and want to avoid the day altogether. But there is a bolder way to face it; go in for voluntarism. Involve in local clubs and serve. There are tutoring sessions for children and community services of all kinds. It will all be worthwhile.

Check out places

Who made the rule, “Only sunny days are for seeing places.”? Get used to the cold coziness outside. Visit places; go to that new coffee spot; dine at that Asian restaurant; and crash at the hyped gaming place. Some exquisite art, hot drinks, spicy food, and fun activities are some ways to make a cold rainy day not too cold. The fun you can have is worth the trouble getting there.

Do not snooze till the sun comes out and lights up your day. Get going and heat it yourself.

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