Fozia Awel - Interview With Loline Mag


Master of many skills but let’s pick one and go with social media influencer

Fozia Awel, a computer science graduate from Adama Science and Technology University, is a social media influencer on fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Fozia started getting into these jobs as most people do by creating a social media account, Specifically, Instagram. And she then started sharing her day-to-day activities which she thought would make people interested back in 2015. In addition to that, she started creating different video tutorials on Hijab styles which were her peak point for gaining more followers. It was since last December that Foziya took being an influencer as a full-time job.

Fozia understands the value of collaboration with other designers and creatives which is why she collaborates with them on photoshoots. She mostly uses her own attire in her photoshoots. She has also worked with different young creative photographers and plans to create more collaborations ahead.

Fozia describes being a social media influencer as a way of expressing your personality, sharing experiences and promoting things you believe in to your audiences using social media platforms as a tool. Even though there are only a few companies that work on marketing campaigns with influencers to market their product and services, Foziya thinks an influencer must believe in the product they are promoting before sharing it with their audiences. And this, in her opinion, somehow makes the job harder; given the small amount of opportunity to pick from.

Challenge is an inevitable part of most jobs, especially, if it’s something new. Fozia, as a woman and an influencer, has too faced some whilst on the job. Not understanding her aim and goal, consideration of women creating new things as taboo in the community have been some of the main challenges she has faced in her journey. Her family was also mostly repulsive of this work until eventually when they came to an understanding and started supporting her, Which she is very appreciative of.

Fozia usually tries to create awareness on topics and issues that matter by sharing her experience and interacting with her audience (who she considers as her other family now) using her Instagram stories. She usually feels that topics like sexual assault and rape shouldn’t be a trend that we talk about when something happens. Discussions like these should be persistent for a true change to come. She is looking forward to working with other interested influencers to create an aware community.

A bright future seems to be laying ahead for Foziya. She has an entrepreneur mindset and is planning to create businesses in fashion. She wants to establish her own Hijab line and also trying to get into this path using some of her social media platforms like Telegram.

Fozia is thankful to her family and followers for being there through thick and thin. We will leave you with her own words that were encouraging to us:

“A little bit of effort on your identity will let you achieve what you want”.
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