Comedian Eshetu: Spreading Laughter and Kindness


A man who stands for giggles and humanity...

Eshetu Melese is known as a charismatic and funny comedian with a profound outlook on life. Apart from his memorable stand-up routines, he’s made a name for himself on EBS TV as the host of the popular game show “Yebeteseb Chewata”. Now an owner of his own YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers, he’s committed to philanthropy and using his platform to spread positivity.

Early Life

Eshetu's journey to stardom was far from conventional. Despite his initial desire to study law, destiny had other plans, leading him to Addis Ababa University's theatre program. Eshetu attributes much of his success to his mother's belief in him. Through life's twists and turns, her unwavering support remained constant. Eshetu's dreams and aspirations often outpaced his immediate circumstances.  He once aspired to travel the world as a comedian, but life had a different plan for him. As it turns out, his journey led him to travel the world as a media personality and a philanthropic force. While he initially envisioned performing in grand arenas filled with thousands of people, today, he finds himself with a YouTube channel boasting millions of subscribers.

Navigating Channels: From TV to YouTube

Eshetu's aim in his work is “to be a voice for the voiceless.”  He initially gained acclaim and popularity as a stand-up comedian, but his star continued to rise when he took on the role of host for the widely-loved TV game show, "Yebeteseb Chewata." His charisma and, notably, the heartfelt poems he delivered at the end of each episode garnered even more appreciation. 

Recognizing the growing response to his work, Eshetu decided to make a strategic move to engage with his audience more directly. And what better platform for this than YouTube? In 2017, he founded "Donkey Tube," a YouTube channel that has since amassed over 2 million subscribers and accumulated more than 350 million views. His exceptional storytelling skills and commitment to spreading positivity have not only attracted a massive online following but also caught the attention of companies eager to collaborate with his channel.

Principles on Marketing: Ethical Promotion

If I don’t believe in the product, I won’t promote it.

Eshetu's marketing principles are firmly rooted in integrity. “If I don’t believe in the product, I won’t promote it,” he notes. He always chooses to promote companies that sell locally produced goods that have an Ethiopian essence to them. When he genuinely believes in a product, he goes the extra mile to craft creative and attention-grabbing advertisements. His philosophy is straightforward: advertisements should cater to the audience's needs. According to Eshetu, if you are genuinely dedicated to serving your audience, brands will naturally seek your collaboration.

Content Creation: Problem-Solving Artistry

Eshetu's content creation approach centers on solving problems. Prior to crafting a video, he identifies a relatable issue for his audience and tailors his content accordingly. He emphasizes the crucial role of brainstorming in his video-making process. He and his team dedicate substantial time to brainstorming ideas and meticulously planning every aspect of the video. It's this collective creative effort that sets his content apart from the rest.

“The first 15 seconds are very important,” Eshetu says. To achieve this, he outlines four key elements for a successful video introduction: Interest-Piquing, Clarity, Managing expectation, and Loyalty. 

The Definition and Practice of Success

Eshetu doesn’t believe our environment affects our success; he believes our environment is our success. “The world is in our mind,” he says. His philosophy revolves around the idea that our perception shapes our reality. He believes that how we interpret our experiences ultimately determines our happiness. This is why, according to him, it's crucial to be selective about our environment.

One of the practices that made Eshetu successful is a “getting it done” mentality. He says that he doesn’t want obstacles to stop him from carrying out his plans. If he’s able to do it, he’ll do it. Another value Eshetu practices is distancing himself from work that doesn’t require his input. As his company grows, he has come to understand that he shouldn’t be handling every aspect of the company. “You should know what your irreplaceable role is,” he says. Anything aside from that should be relegated to others. 

On Money

“Money is the deposit of your hard work,” says Eshetu. He views money as the harvest of investments you made and services you gave in the past that add up and allow you to live today. So, money isn't just cash—it also includes the respect and admiration you earn from others. 

As Eshetu's business expands, he's discovered the importance of responsible financial management. He now understands that with more money comes greater investment potential. Previously, Eshetu viewed investment as risky, but he's come to realize that the more you invest, the more your income can grow. He succinctly phrases this lesson as "Businesses return as much as you invest in them." Today, he steadfastly applies this principle, saying, "I always use the money I earn to improve my work." His focus lies in advancing and refining his business rather than indulging in personal luxuries.

The Role of Faith in His Philanthropy

One of Eshetu’s popular endeavors is his philanthropy. He is renowned for harnessing the power of his platform to galvanize people and resources toward noble causes. His contributions extend beyond individual aid, as he has successfully raised millions of dollars for institutions such as Mekedonia and The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Eshetu attributes his motivation for philanthropy to his faith, which serves as a driving force behind his charitable endeavors. Recently, he achieved an incredible feat by mobilizing close to $6 million within a mere two weeks, all in support of the Orthodox Church's cause. Despite these significant achievements, Eshetu remains remarkably humble, viewing himself as a mere vessel through which positive change is channeled. He credits the divine, emphasizing that all recognition should ultimately be directed towards God.

Advice For Aspiring Influencers

Eshetu occasionally finds himself overwhelmed by the profound impact his work has on countless individuals. Through his journey, he has gained a deep appreciation for the significant influence that influencers and media personalities wield over people's lives. He recognizes that they possess the unique ability to inspire action and shape opinions. With this insight, Eshetu emphasizes the immense responsibility that comes with being an influencer or media personality. He underscores the importance of mindfulness in the content they create. Recognizing the potential to steer and influence individuals, he advocates for ethical and responsible content creation, fully aware of the lasting impact it can have on the lives of those they reach.

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