Blue Health Ethiopia - Focusing on Preventive Medicine


Focusing on preventive medicine rather than curative would change the landscape of Ethiopian health care, said Binyam Alemu CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Health.

Many medical professionals live through various incidents while working in the hospital. Some profound incidents instigate a change in their worldview. To expect all these stories to be positive would be naïve. For some, events take place to validate their choice of profession. For others, however, it is, unfortunately, the opposite. Blue Health Ethiopia has such a story. Co-founder Dr. Binyam Alemu was kind enough to share their story with Loline.

Blue Health was founded with a noble mission to promote health and well-being by providing the best care to the general population. It is about promoting preventive medicine. Blue health aims to create a skilled community through advanced research and access to knowledge.

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