Ahun The social media for places?

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Ahun is an app that lets you share your “vibes” which are just pictures or videos of places you’re vibing at.

Ahun is an app that lets you share your “vibes” which are just pictures or videos of places you’re vibing at. It is safe to say it’s one of the best places to get a recommendation where to go and which places you should visit. Ahun is one of the apps in Ethiopia that has been growing steadily in terms of both users and the app itself. I couldn’t get the exact numbers of downloads their apps have but you can understand how much their users have grown by seeing the number of followers some of the users have. Some of the users have more than 4,000 followers and this can show how many users they have.

So I initially tested the app on an iOS device and everything went smooth. But when trying to download the android app, I couldn’t find their app anywhere in the Google play store. This was a bit weird because I have previously downloaded and used the app from the Google play store. After a few hours of “investigation”, my friend found out that their app has been taken down from the play store and they are sending links through their Instagram page DMs. Seems like they failed to meet some Google play requirement in a recent update. This is not the right place to be for an app that’s steadily growing in its user base.

So after almost an hour of asking for a link, they sent us one and we downloaded the app from the link( which by the way is not recommended and dangerous if you’re not 100% sure of the app you’re downloading). So I started the registration process and a confirmation text was sent to me. But they did not work which finally led to them blocking my number due to suspicious activity. So it’s safe to say their android app is completely down at the time of writing and is in no way accessible to new users.

So leaving the android app alone, Ahun’s iOS app is very clean and super stable. They have a very nice-looking user and interface that is catchy and engaging, unlike many Ethiopian apps. One thing that I have noticed is that their feed or home screen looks like Toktoks home and it used to look like Instagram’s feed a few months back. The overall user experience is very interactive.

The only bug I found which is surprisingly unmissable is that you can’t see the location of the place in the vibe, even though it says you can. There is a button that says location when you tap the location text on the vibe, but it is not functional. Apart from this everything looks and functions well. Like I said earlier this is definitely one of the best Ethiopian apps I have seen.

The one concern I had with their app was how they are going to monetize their app. They now have added events and another app called Ahun Business. This app lets business owners and event organizers promote their apps or events. And this answers the monetization concerns I had very well.

They could implement an Ad based business model or some sort of commission collection from different sales through the app.

Ahun has a very bright future in my eyes. They have a very great potential to grow to the African market and even the international market. They just need to market the app in the right ways and work on their monetization strategies. And finally, I would like to say kudos to the developers and wish them the very best.

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