Ahadu Beatz - Interview With Loline Mag


Ahadubeatz is a trio of passionate Ethiopian artists rising fast in the Ethiopian music scene.

Ahadubeatz is a trio of passionate Ethiopian artists rising fast in the Ethiopian music scene. Born and raised in Addis, Dave, Abel, and Naol used to learn at the same school and hang out together before starting their musical journey. After finishing high school, the trio joined Yared School of Music where they learned for about 3 years until they decided to withdraw. Sound Engineering was what they were after and the music school didn’t provide that. That left them to find other ways and go in a different direction to learn that.

The trio kept on working and went on to create Ahadu, a name that symbolizes the geez meaning of number one. They wanted the name to show that Their music was a head start to indicate that they are the beginning of a new type of musical revolution which can influence the coming generation. A revolution aimed at empowering the new generation to accept who they are and create international content with cultural touches, setting a goal to introduce Ethiopian modern music Worldwide.

Ahadubeatz who has collaborated with artists including Jano Band, Dawit Tsige, and Igitu have been working on building their YouTube subscribers in addition to releasing new songs with their latest released songs “Yabibal” and “Yeleb in collaboration with Hana Girma” which was released this May. They also have a plan to drop new songs once every two weeks with a cover type of video. However, there are challenges like lack of studio equipment and the lack of promotion for their work to the public. Yet, they kept on going, with a motto “A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it”!

What lays ahead seems bright for AhaduBeatz, who are making their own signature music by blending the Ethiopian soul with the modern touch of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall Trap, EDM, and Afrobeat to create new genres. They also intend to make their own original songs. Each member of the trio, Dave, Abel, and Naol, is going to have their own page and still work as a team and widen the brand from one group to three individuals within a team and work on doing different types of genres.

We leave you with their last message for the Youth,

“Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can!”
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