The smell of the cattle does not stop him.....

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I spend time with hopeful children and i help them achieve their goals and also i will achieve my goal.

Every Saturday from 8 to 10 o'clock is a beautiful and exciting time for me. It is time to rejoice and laugh with beautiful faces and pure souls. Their joy warms the heart, and their smiles give hope. There are about 30 children under the age of 16. each Saturday with my friends, We give academic tutorials in one charity office for them. The families of these children are not able to teach their children, so these children are half-day learning and then half-day working, and they make their families smile with the money they earn at night. They all have a sad story. Let me tell you a story about one child with such a beautiful soul.

 His name is Abdulkarim. He is 10 years old. Hafiz has a younger brother who is less than 1 year old. They both have beautiful smiles. Abdu laughs at everything he sees, especially for no reason He laughs heartily and works hard to help his family. Abdu’s family lives in a rented house and he pays rent every month By taking care of the cattle, s them and cleaning their house, and Serving his landlords Then, He pays rent with his labor. This is his daily routine before he goes to school. The smell of the cattle does not stop him from bringing happiness to his family. His dream is big If he can support his family at the age of 10, I'm proud to know him when I think he will lead the country tomorrow.

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