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I witnessed NINE years of kindness. Dedicated to Etsubdink Demeke

You are like those rainy days that come in the middle of summer. Warm but cool, loud but calm, quiet but with a song of silence. I like to sleep on rainy days. And you make me feel that way of calmness and rest.

You are the color of sunset, the color between orange and red. You are the feeling of riding a bus on a snowy day. You are the warmth that comes out of the heater to warm my legs. You are also the cool breeze of air that slaps my face when I get out of the bus.

You are the hot milk I drink in the morning. The milk that tastes like heaven and cures my cold. You are the cozy bed I sleep in, the pillow I rest my head on. You are the blanket I cover my weary body with.

You are the smell of my fresh bed sheets. You are the new makeup I put on to go out, the blush I put on my cheeks and nose. You are the small droplets of snow in the morning with the light of the sun.

You are the people that are nice to me. You are the cat I talked to when I was going to football. You are the table I learn on. You are the books I read. The music I listen to. You are also the books I did not finish and wish to complete.

You are the smile of the people I see. I see you through their smile. I see your kindness through their words.

You are everything in every move and way. You are that forever kind of person. We will miss the taste of our food, the warmth of the sun, the cool air, the happy smile, the melody of the songs, the smell of soil on rainy days, the sense of living, and much more. If the universe wasn't generous enough to give us you.

You are hope itself and the sun with yellow petals on it.

You are the sunflower!

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