The perfect twin

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As I daydream about all the things my perfect version would do. I realized that I will be completely doomed if a better version of myself existed

I was fantasising about having a twin, who would just look like me. In a better version; more attractive, more intimidating and more appealing. The intimidating part may seem odd, but intimidation is a way of gathering unusual fans.

I thought about him being a fashionista too. All eyes on him, wondering why he is built like that. From all the depressing thoughts that come through my mind, I think about why God made some of us look stunning and some of us hideous. Maybe he just wanted to put a symbol of heaven and hell on earth.

Having the potential to fit into every single character on earth and being liked the most is an endearing talent. I envied having a twin brother: the perfect replica of myself because I wanted to discern what it is like to be perfect, to be loved, to be praised, to be surrounded by a breathing being.

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