The "Me" season

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Change the "Me" before you wish to be "We".

Untackle me, because i am tired to see

The sparks are disturbing me

I need a black filter to block out all the lights

My eyes bleed blood searching for what's right 

Take a look inside

Can't you see that I have tried

Not to cry, not to fall, to stop the deny

Walk with a smile, act and pass by

But It's the "Me" season now

I have to keep my vow

It's time to decipher

Show the true colours of my soul driver

I want to yawn, lay down

Say no with a frown

Talk out so loud

Have nothing but me to be proud

It's the "Me" season now

I have to bend and bow

To refund all the debt

That I don't own her but owe her instead.

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