The Baby In The Mud

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Sometimes we bring grief for others while we are at our happiest.

There was a farmer who lived with his wife in a village near a dense black forest. And one day the farmer's wife gave birth to a handsome baby boy.

Time flew by and the baby started crawling around the house. He was an elated little boy with a whole world outside for him yet to be discovered.

On a drizzly Monday night the little boy's mother was serving dinner and his father was taking a nap to reduce the stress after a long tiring work day. The house was warm and cozy unlike the outside. And the little boy was crawling and rolling on the straw mat.

After looking around the mother noticed that her child was not in the house. She was in an abject terror. She looked all over the house in the hopes of finding him but he wasn't there. She woke her husband with a shaking voice and told him what happened.

They both ran outside bare foot shouting for their baby's name. They looked in the backyard and every corner around the house. But still he wasn't found.

The farmer told his wife to stay in the house and pray for miracles. She just stood on the door sobbing and cursing her self for leaving the door open. Her eyes were deep red. The farmer took a lamp in his hand and went in to the forest. 

After searching for a few minutes. He found his son in a small circle mud playing and clapping with his small hands. His chubby cheeks were covered with mud. The farmer ran in to the mud, grabbed his son and went back to the house.

The farmer's wife was relieved to see her husband holding their baby safe in his hands.

The happy little boy brought a sudden shock to his parents. But he had the time of his life even if it was just for a moment.

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