It's Faded

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but It's all faded now time faded it away...

It's faded 

I still reminisce about all the nights i stayed awake waiting for dawn so that i can pass by you.Those nights, the nights that were long like a full summer...those were long enough to doubt if it is going to be a sunrise. It got even longer when my anticipation rises with time.


   but it's all faded now...

One glance at you made my day joyful. I was all over the moon to hear your voice across the room. Your voice was music in a quiet room, deep and fruity.

   but It's all faded now...

Your odor was my favorite smell. I would seize any opportunity to get close to you just to breath in the sweet aroma of yours.

   but It's all faded now...

I dreamed day and night to get a chance to talk to you. A few minute conversation with you was my fantasy. And i was dying to know you.


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